Monday, 9 August 2010


Age: 10

N: Have you got any particular Fears?

I am scared of thieves because I everyday watch at the TV that more and more houses and families get to the trap of them and get stolen. I am really afraid of them that sometimes beacause of my fear my fantasy creates sounds that I think that the thieves are in my house or
around me while I am asleep.

I am also scared of one fairytale story since I was really young. The fairytale story is about Snow white but am not scared of her but from the witch that transform her self to one really ugly and scary old woman and tried to poison Snow white with an apple.

N: What scares you so much of the witch?

Her face it looks really scary. A n old woman doesn't look like her, her nails, nose and eyes.

Feelings: Strong Heartbeats, Stomach pains and tears.

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