Monday, 9 August 2010

Power Of Nightmares 1 of 6

Few weeks ago I met with a graphic designer Antonis Adamou and I had a chat about my final major project telling him how I am interested in looking into emotions that are stuck in people's memories from some particular situations or occasions.
However after a long talk with Antonis suggested that it would be better to concentrate at one emotion that for my own personal reason I would like to concentrate on instead of looking in all the areas of emotions.

After gathering through my research I found really interesting to look into fear or phobias that people have after an experience that they went through by causing a negative or positive reaction in their memory.

It was really interesting the link that he gave me for a documentary called Power Of Nightmares that it has to do with fears. Even though involves politics, religion and educational system it shows how people are in control because of the fears that are created to them from different situations.

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